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Scott Russell Morris is a writer, foodie, photographer, and enthusiast. He's a native of Southern California but can navigate the streets of Utah better. He owns a home in Texas and lives in South Korea, where he is an Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Utah Asia Campus. He enjoys spicy food and rarely orders the same thing twice at a restaurant. Scott earned a PhD in English from Texas Tech University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Brigham Young University. With his wife, Kirsten, he has two children. No one has ever asked him who watches the children while he is at work. As a teenager, a friend nicknamed him “Skoticus” and that name has, ever since, been the calling card for his creative persona. He owns more than two hundred board games. 

Scott’s first collection of essays, Nothing in Particular: Essays and Enthusiasms, explores enthusiasm, travel, and connecting with strangers. Squirrels feature prominently. Nothing in Particular was a finalist for the 2018 Gournay Essay Prize and is now looking for a publishing home. To read an essay from this project, visit Proximity Magazine

Scott’s second essay collection, Speaking of Dinner, is still be written. Through examinations of meals domestic and exotic, the essays tells the story of a young family trying, sometimes gracefully, oftentimes awkwardly, to raise a new family. The collection speaks specifically to domestic gender roles, difficulties in conception, the love of pie, and desires for lineage. The collection will be finished and ready to send to publishers by Fall 2021.  For a taste of food writing, may I suggest “The Perfect Meal,” available at Parhelion.


Scott’s third on-going project is a fantasy novel series. The series' first installment, The Sovereign of the Cliffs, is a dark fantasy novel about a young woman with magical skin desperately trying to save her family and farm from the machinations of blood-soaked immortals. The novel is fully written and currently looking for an agent and publisher.

Current Projects