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Ace of Magpies tarot card and zine cover

Magpie Zines are inspired by magpie tarot decks. Magpie decks are made of mismatched cards: They include traditional cards borrowed from various decks, but they are just as likely to have homemade cards or those taken from board games, recipe catalogs, etc. These magpie collections often include archetypes never found in traditional tarot, and they welcome non-traditional cards with eclectic, dark, whimsical, and kitschy aesthetics.

With the repurposing spirit of their namesake bird, Magpie Zines are a celebration of lyricism and found arts, encouraging readers to uncover strangeness, wonder, and beauty in the mundane. The zines are "perzines," each containing a lyric essay or poem based on lived experience. The main Magpie Zine series features commissioned tarot card art from various artists and all zines contain my own mixed media art made from found objects and public domain digital archives.

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