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Available Zines

The Ace of Magpie cover: a magpie with a cherry blossom branch sits atop an outstretched hand
Two of Magpies: a magpie sitting on the sun looks at its reflection, seeing a magpie sitting on a crescent moon
An Hierophant made from collaged tarot cards
Seven of Cups Preview_edited.jpg
Stick Figure Magic Mini-zine
The Doodle, shows rainbow geomentric patterns on a black field
Magpie Zines logo: a magpie with an infinity sign over its head sits atop the words "Magpie Zines"

Welcome to Magpie Zines: a zine of tarot, magpies, and found meaning. Every issue comes with a custom tarot card!


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Magpie Zines is inspired by magpie tarot decks, which are made of mismatched cards: They include traditional cards borrowed from other decks, but they are just as likely to have homemade cards or those taken from board games, recipe catalogs, etc. The magpies often include archetypes never found in traditional tarot, and they welcome non-traditional cards with eclectic, dark, whimsical, and kitschy aesthetics. 


In that spirit, every Magpie Zine includes a custom, commissioned tarot card from a featured artist. But that's not all! In the true spirit of the magpie, every Magpie Zine also includes:

  • an original essay or poem

  • a collection of unique, new art

  • 3 to 4 found or crafted objects suitable for divination

  • A custom tarot spread prompt


There will eventually be fourteen Magpie Zines, and thus, we will eventually have an entire suit of Magpies, starting with the Ace and culminating with the King of Magpies. In conjunction with the mini-zines, by the end of the series, readers will have a full magpie deck of hand-crafted, found-art, and custom-made cards and a library of artsy, literary zines.

(Credit where credit is due:  Mismatched tarot decks have been around for a while, but the idea of the magpie deck is a recent concept created by a small online community of tarot enthusiasts which was in turn inspired by the Alleyman's Tarot.)

Ace of Magpies tarot card and zine cover
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